Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tracking Email Increases Transparency for Businesses with a Multi-Carrier Shipping System

SHIP eLERT tracking email helps customers identify both the package location and your company brand
FORT MYERS, FL — March 13, 2012 — Today, Harvey Software released advantages and features of its SHIP eLERT® tracking email system. The SHIP eLERT system provides users of Harvey Software’s Computerized Parcel System (CPS™) shipping software a way to send a unified tracking email for FedEx, SpeeDee, UPS, and USPS packages. Because this tracking email is from the CPS customer’s email address instead of a carrier’s, a CPS customer has the opportunity to increase its brand exposure in their own customers’ email Inbox. In this way, CPS shipping software also assists in improving brand identification and customer communication.

“Consumers obviously need to know where their packages are after they purchase. Harvey Software’s SHIP eLERT notification system provides a link to view tracking status of packages shipped through CPS, regardless of which carrier shipped that package. The link goes to our proprietary tracking page which then reads the tracking number and takes the user to a package status web page. SHIP eLERTs are also accessible from most any mobile device with email capability,” said Cary Cobb, Harvey Software’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “In addition to the need for sharing tracking status, there’s a branding opportunity any time you communicate with customers. Our customers email tracking info from their own company email addresses, reminding shoppers where they purchased an item when they are checking on an order’s shipping status. We give our customers control over the subject line as well. If there’s a message they want to get out to their most recent customers, they have some flexibility in doing so as compared to carrier email notifications,” continued Mr. Cobb. “As more and more competition enters the online marketplace, it becomes even more important to promote your company’s brand. Sending email from your own addresses is one piece of an overall customer communication strategy. A tracking email is also a way to reference purchases – consumers may be looking through their email to remember where they bought a particular item, and a tracking email is an obvious marker that is easier to find than purchase confirmations. When that tracking email comes from a company’s own email address, the company increases its brand visibility, ideally leading to more purchases,” concluded Mr. Cobb.

About Harvey Software, Inc.

Harvey Software is an established, leading developer of globally ready, multi-carrier shipping software solutions, providing businesses with shipping solutions since 1983. Harvey Software's premium shipping solution, the Computerized Parcel System (CPS™) increases profits, boosts domestic and international shipping efficiency, reduces shipping expenses and eliminates the inefficiencies of single carrier software systems. CPS is a FedEx® Compatible Solution, is UPS Ready®, USPS® certified and works with Internet Postage. CPS can be purchased, downloaded, installed, and supported all over the Internet.

For additional information about this release, contact Cary Cobb, Director of Digital Marketing, Harvey Software, Inc., 7050 Winkler Rd. #104, Fort Myers, FL 33919, 800-231-0296, http://www.HarveySoft.com/. We make logistics easy.


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