Thursday, October 24, 2013

Next Generation USPS Labels Benefit Holiday Shippers with End-To-End Tracking, Accurate Delivery

Sample USPS First Class Package IMpb Label From Shipping Software Powered by CPS

FORT MYERS, FL – OCT 24, 2013 – Today, Harvey Software Inc. outlined important items USPS shippers should have in place for the upcoming holiday season to insure the best, most successful shipping with the USPS.  USPS barcode technology has changed substantially over the last few years.  If a company’s shipping software does not incorporate the latest changes, USPS packages may not be able to be tracked this holiday season and delivery can be delayed.  If your shipping software has kept up-to-date with all the changes, then you are well-positioned to receive all the discounts and greatly upgraded tracking capabilities USPS provides.

“When a USPS package moves from your business to your customer, it passes through many hands as well as several different types of equipment.  Older style USPS labels prevent packages from being processed optimally through the various USPS package processing equipment, which means less than the best handling during the busiest, most important time of year for many companies,” stated Bert Hamilton, President and CEO of Harvey Software.  “The newest USPS IMpb technology and label requirements include several important items to insure that services used for package processing are easily recognized by package handlers and packages are tracked  properly.  With the IMpb technology and new labeling requirements now mandatory for accurate tracking and to receive special pricing, their benefits can no longer be ignored.  Without using properly formatted labels and IMpb technology, packages could be delayed due to time-consuming special handling required for successful delivery,” explained Mr. Hamilton.

“Maybe most important, the new USPS tracking capabilities alone make the new IMpb barcodes invaluable when it comes to making sure customers receive their holiday orders on time.  In addition, use of the new IMpb technology provides you with the ability to track your packages and take action if there are any delivery issues.  If you want your packages to be delivered on time, at the best price and with the ability to be tracked, the IMpb barcodes and new label formats should be used for every USPS package…and who doesn’t want that?” observed Mr. Hamilton.  “All of Harvey Software’s current Powered by CPS shipping software fully supports the new IMpb barcodes and new labeling requirements for USPS package services and is fully carrier certified.  The USPS shipping software solutions in our multi-carrier CPS Powered shipping software provide options for both On-Line Internet Postage and USPS eVS package processing.   If your current shipping software does not support the new IMpb barcode and label format requirements, we highly recommend you find a shipping system that does so as soon as possible before the holiday crunch.  We know CPS Powered solutions can help,” concluded Mr. Hamilton.

For complete details to determine if you are ready for the holiday shipping when shipping USPS packages visit the free Harvey Software Shipping Blog article titled “What USPS Barcode Should Be Used for Packages to Insure Holiday Delivery?”.  This article gives you several valuable resources to determine if you are ready for the holiday season.

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