Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How Using a Multi-Carrier Shipping System Helps Businesses Go Green

FORT MYERS, FL — December 28, 2011 — Today, Harvey Software, Inc. released methods to save energy in the shipping department with third party multiple carrier shipping systems. The Computerized Parcel System (CPS™) shipping efficiency features bring bonuses of saving energy and money while shipping packages. CPS can be a part of a company’s “Go Green” New Year’s resolution.

“Ground shipping services are better for the environment. Airplanes use a lot more fuel per pound-shipped than trucks. Of course, if your package needs to be there overnight, you don’t have much of a choice. But with the carriers guaranteeing delivery within one or two days in a large radius around most origins, ground service can take the place of one and two day services in many cases,” said Bob Sansone, Harvey Software’s Director of Sales. “Someone could look up transit times for packages and make this work with any current system, but if you need to know quickly, multi-carrier shipping software can look it up for you. Using the exclusive CPS Smart RateBots, a shipper user will know in seconds whether or not ground services can take the place of express services,” continued Mr. Sansone. “A business can make these choices ahead of time, then apply a rule to all shipped packages to use ground services if they give equivalent delivery times to one and two day services needed. We have customers who have three or four warehouses spread around the country. Assuming they have supply in stock for all items ordered, they can guarantee two-day delivery to at least 90% of the continental U.S using ground services.”

“Automatically choosing air or express services for two-day delivery is a potential waste of energy. With a little bit of pre-planning, a business can set itself up to make smart choices for every express or air delivery,” said Mr. Sansone. “We hope that as businesses make their New Year’s resolutions they will consider reducing their carbon footprint and their shipping costs with Smart RateBots.”

About Harvey Software, Inc.

Harvey Software is an established, leading developer of globally ready, multi-carrier shipping software solutions, providing businesses with shipping solutions since 1983. Harvey Software's premium shipping solution, the Computerized Parcel System (CPS™) increases profits, boosts domestic and international shipping efficiency, reduces shipping expenses and eliminates the inefficiencies of single carrier software systems. CPS is a FedEx® Compatible Solution, is UPS Ready®, USPS® certified and works with Internet Postage. CPS can be purchased, downloaded, installed, and supported all over the Internet.

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