Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Saves Time in the Shipping Department

Many features available within the CPS computerized Parcel System will save time in the shipping department.
FORT MYERS, FL — January 11, 2012 — Today, Harvey Software released information describing how its Computerized Parcel System (CPS™) shipping software will save time in a company’s shipping operations. The CPS multi-carrier shipping system has been refined and developed over more than 25 years to be the streamlined, efficient shipping software that companies demand for their shipping departments. Whether a company is shipping 10 or 10,000 packages a day, CPS shipping software will save time in the shipping department and increase productivity of shipping employees.

“Even just using the manual entry features of CPS, a user can quickly enter the necessary shipping information. Look us up on YouTube and see how fast a user can work with the manual entry function. A basic shipping label can be prepared using only the destination address, weight, and desired carrier service,” said Bob Sansone, Director of Sales at Harvey Software, Inc. “The selection of the best shipping service is the heart of CPS, and users see the rates for multiple carriers simultaneously. Because CPS is certified by the carriers and shows accurate rating, including accessorial charges and fuel surcharges for every package, the customer knows they get accurate rates and can be confident their bills will reflect this,” continued Mr. Sansone. “Our users save even more time when they use optional services available within CPS like the SHIP eLERT tracking email, sent from the user’s email address, notifying customers their packages are on the way and cutting down the calls to customer service asking if a package is on the way. Third party parcel insurance from several vendors is also available within the CPS user interface, eliminating the need to leave CPS to obtain these money saving services. Available address verification ensures the shipment is going to a verified US address,” explained Mr. Sansone.

“Because CPS is an ODBC compliant application it can be linked to order management applications. Not only can shipping information be imported into the shipping software, completed shipping data like the carrier used, shipping cost and tracking number can be written back to the order system. Time is saved on customer service as well as in the shipping department,” said Mr. Sansone. “With CPS selecting the best shipping service automatically for any number of packages, completed shipping data being returned to the host order system, shipping notifications sent for every package, address checking at the shipping station instead of searching elsewhere - no matter what the customer needs, CPS shipping software can save time in almost any shipping warehouse,” concluded Mr. Sansone.

About Harvey Software, Inc.

Harvey Software is an established, leading developer of globally ready, multi-carrier shipping software solutions, providing businesses with shipping solutions since 1983. Harvey Software's premium shipping solution, the Computerized Parcel System (CPS™) increases profits, boosts domestic and international shipping efficiency, reduces shipping expenses and eliminates the inefficiencies of single carrier software systems. CPS is a FedEx® Compatible Solution, is UPS Ready®, USPS® certified and works with Internet Postage. CPS can be purchased, downloaded, installed, and supported all over the Internet.

For additional information about this release, contact Cary Cobb, Director of Digital Marketing, Harvey Software, Inc., 7050 Winkler Rd. #104, Fort Myers, FL 33919, 800-231-0296, We make logistics easy.


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